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An international conference to take stock of current policies, thinking and practice, successes and failures of ongoing and past reforms in extension and advisory services and build a coalition moving forward to specifically address meeting the future needs of small-holder farmers, marginalized communities, women and youth in a sustainable and cost effective manner.

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Africa can increase food yield despite climate change challenges, ECA's Dione

By Conference Reporter

Africa has what it takes to quadruple food productions from area expansion and yield increase inspite of challenges posed by climate change, Josue Dione, Director of Food Security and Sustainable Development at the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA), said in Durban yesterday.

Coordinated approach to policy formulation and implementation in Kenyan Agricultural Sector

By Brenda Zulu

Agriculture is the engine that drives economic and social development in Kenya. Indeed the functions in the Kenyan GDP are closely and positively correlated with the fortunes of the agricultural sector, through its control on production, storage, value addition distribution and marketing.

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Agricultural Extension Policy: The Missing Link in Advisory Services

By Zainab Joaque
Agriculture is more than a business; it is not only about production, it is also about managing natural resources for future generations. The question we need to ask ourselves is: ‘can improvements in extension and advisory services really contribute to poverty reduction, food security and improved livelihoods? I can safely say yes it can but not in isolation.

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Agriculture: A prospect to economic development

By Zainab Joaque

As often said and rightly so, agriculture is the foundation of most economies. The great interplay between agriculture and the nations’ prosperity cannot be overemphasized, and as such all efforts at revitalizing this sector should be visualized as a means to economic emancipation.

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